Business Process Improvement

Understanding what goes on between the inputs and outputs is the first step to improving current business processes.

The tools and techniques we use to gather and map critical information are:

  • Business Reviews - using standard process analysis techniques to ensure systems and procedures are adaptable and meet your dynamic business needs
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  • Workflow Process Mapping - our technique presents a pictorial road map of work practices on a single sheet of paper, avoiding volumes of written procedures
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  • Documentation Reviews - an analysis of how critical information is developed, controlled, updated and communicated
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  • Risk Identification & Management - interactive workshops aimed at identifying risks and developing risk management plans

  • Business Plans & Strategy - working with your management team to identify and capture the objectives, strategies and risks in your business, and developing business plans to deliver results

We use standard Microsoft products to design system solutions to meet our clients' needs such as our customised workflow diagrams, excel spreadsheets and database designs, enabling our clients to maintain system solutions in-house.


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