Business Essence was established in 1995 in Perth and focussing on Business and Project Administration projects.

Having completed projects for a variety of clients and sectors, we became more focussed on the Business Processes used by our clients, and became skilled at identifying gaps and overlaps that could make work processes more efficient and effective.

No matter how good or bad the work processes maybe, they invariably all depend on people to carry out the required steps in any work process. To develop process improvements it is imperative to take the people involved along on the journey. Our ability to engage with people, listen to their ideas and feedback, and involve them in forming solutions is the first key success factor in gaining ownership and buy-in.

Change implementation is the second key success factor. The best, most efficient processes will not result in improvement unless the people involved come on that journey. We have seen opportunities lost due to poor implementation. Our role in assisting with implementation is to ensure that the identified benefits are achieved, and at the same time embedding ownership with the clients staff. We work closely with people to ensure fit for purpose solutions are implemented.

in 2000, Business Essence moved to Melbourne and undertook significant projects for the Victorian Worksafe Major Hazards Unit, increasing our resources and skills over the next 5 years.

Together we have more than 75 years experience working for Australian and International companies and government agencies in a wide variety of sectors

Our experience expands to:

  • Development and implementation of management processes, work procedures and standards, including on-the-job training with customised training materials.

  • Audit/review of existing management/administration systems, processes and work procedures.

  • Line operations and executive management experience in the oil and gas, mining and consultancy sectors.

  • Business and marketing strategy development.

  • Facilitation, planning and coordination of change management projects.

  • Co-ordination and management of people capability and people processes.